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Free business and financial Calculators available for all. Try our TVM Calculator.

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car loan drawing

Car Loan Calculator

Plan your car payments, see how much you can expect to owe and account for changes to your interest rate.

Life Clock Calculator

If the average life expectancy were compressed into a single 24 hour calendar, how far into the day would you be? Let’s find out.

Other Popular Calculators

Check out some of our other popular calculators including a random number generator used for giveaways, a break-even point calculator to help you understand if and when you're making a profit and a representative sample calculator so you can actually do polls that matter.

random number generator

Random Number Generator

Choose a minimum number and a maximum number and draw a random number.

business calculator

Break Even Point Calculator

Enter your fixed costs, sale price per unit and variable cost per unit and figure out where your break-even point is.

representative sample

Representative Sample Calculator

Need to calculate the representative sample of a target population? Enter the population size, the confidence level and the margin of error percentage desired.

retirement calculator

Online Mortgage Loan Calculator

Welcome to our simple but user-friendly Online Mortgage Loan Calculator, designed to provide quick and accurate estimates for your mortgage payments.