Break Even Point Calculator

If you’re having trouble with business metrics, the one thing you absolutely must know is how to calculate the break even point for a company. It is fundamental to business because it determines whether or not a business is making money. Anyone could have a lot of sales. Offer to full house cleanings for $1 and you’ll see. The problem is you’ll lose money. Before we get to the calculator below, let’s break down the formula.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to the calculator soon but first et’s start with the basics. The break-even point is a fundamental concept in business and economics, denoting the point where total costs equal total revenue. In other words, it represents the sales threshold that must be reached for a business or a product to become profitable. By determining this point, businesses can establish benchmarks that signal whether they are on track to profitability or if adjustments need to be made. A thorough understanding of the break-even point can also help in pricing strategy, business planning, and profit forecasting.

In practical terms, the break-even point formula incorporates fixed costs, selling price per unit, and variable cost per unit. Fixed costs are the expenses that don’t change with the level of output, like rent or salaries. Variable costs, on the other hand, are tied directly to production volumes, such as raw material costs. The selling price per unit is the amount for which the business sells a single unit of its product. When the revenue generated from selling a specific number of products equals the total cost incurred to produce that same number of products, you’ve hit the break-even point. Learn more about calculating the break-even point.

How To Use Our Break Even Point Calculator (it's simple)


Input your fixed costs

Input your fixed costs in the first field. These costs represent your overhead or the expenses that remain constant regardless of the quantity of products you produce.


Fill in the sale price per unit and variable cost per unit

Fill in the sale price per unit and variable cost per unit fields. The sale price is the amount for which you sell a single unit of your product, while the variable cost is what it costs you to produce each unit.



The calculator will use the break-even point formula to determine how many units you need to sell to cover all costs and start turning a profit. The result will be displayed in terms of "units", signifying the volume of product you need to sell to reach your break-even point.


Calculate the Break-Even Point For Your Product

Break-Even Point Calculator