Fantasy NFL Trade Value Calculator

Trying to see how draft value is fair? Using the NFL draft value chart compiled by ESPN (which is used by NFL execs the world over), we’ve created this simple calculator.

In the ever-evolving world of fantasy football, striking the right deal at the right time can be the difference between winning it all or falling short. The Fantasy Trade Calculator is your essential tool in this strategic endeavor, leveraging the classic NFL draft-pick value chart to bring transparency and fairness to your trade negotiations. This calculator is specifically tailored for 10-team leagues, ensuring that the evaluations you receive are spot-on for your league’s dynamics.

Navigating and utilizing the Fantasy Trade Calculator is straightforward. The interface presents two columns: Trade A and Trade B. Within each column, you can input up to five draft-pick rounds that you’re considering trading. For instance, if you’re mulling over a trade where you give up your round 1 and 4 picks for someone’s round 2 and 3 picks, simply input these rounds in the respective columns. Once you’ve entered the picks, click the ‘Calculate’ button. The tool will instantly compute the value of each trade side, offering an analysis of which side holds more value. Armed with this knowledge, you can approach trade discussions with clarity and confidence.


Is Your Trade Fair? Let's find Out

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