Free Gross Profit Margin Calculator

User our free online margin calculator. Remember, this calculator is a simple one and does not account for other costs associated with selling the item, such as overhead costs, taxes, etc. You may need to consider these factors separately in your overall pricing and profitability calculations.

A Profit Margin Calculator is a typically versatile tool (that is an ultra simple version) that calculates three key metrics — gross profit, gross margin, and markup percentage — based on the cost and desired revenue of an item. These figures play an essential role in determining a product’s pricing strategy and, consequently, the overall profitability of a business. By knowing the cost to produce or acquire an item and the revenue you aim to earn from selling it, you can use this calculator to quickly evaluate your potential profit and profit margin.

Gross profit is the difference between the revenue from selling an item and the cost to produce or acquire it. It’s an absolute figure that reflects the direct profitability of a specific product. Gross margin, expressed as a percentage, further contextualizes gross profit by showing it as a portion of the revenue. A high gross margin means a larger portion of each revenue dollar is retained as profit. Markup percentage, on the other hand, illustrates how much the cost price of an item has been increased to determine the selling price. It helps businesses understand how their pricing strategy might affect their competitive position in the market. By using these three metrics in conjunction, businesses can make more informed decisions about pricing and profitability.

How To Use Our Profit Margin Calculator


Enter the Cost of the Item Being Sold

Enter the hard costs for the item being sold.


Enter Marketing Costs of the Item

Enter any costs to market the product that is not included in the hard costs of the item being sold.


Input Desired Revenue

Input the desired revenue you want to make out of each sale. Then simply hit calculate and the resulting margin will be displayed.


Let's calculate that Desired Margin!

Profit Margin Calculator