Home Selling Price Calculator

Not sure the ideal selling price for your property? You’re in the right place. Use our free Home Selling Price Calculator (below). This tool enables homeowners to calculate a potential listing price based on the original purchase price, home improvements made, desired profit, and any associated selling costs.

The Home Selling Price Calculator is a tool designed to assist homeowners in estimating the potential selling price of their property. By considering key financial aspects such as the original purchase price of the home, the cost of any improvements made, the desired profit, as well as closing costs and realtor fees, this calculator provides a suggested listing price for the property. This gives homeowners a clearer understanding of the financial landscape and aids in setting realistic expectations for the sale of their property. Learn more about tips for how to price your home with Zillow.

While the Home Selling Price Calculator offers an insightful perspective on potential listing prices, it’s important to acknowledge its limitations. The tool operates on user-provided data and might not account for other significant market factors such as local property demand, market fluctuations, and the prices of comparable homes in the area. The calculated selling price also doesn’t guarantee a sale at that price, as the final sale price will be determined by negotiations between the buyer and seller. As such, homeowners should use this tool as a starting point, but also seek advice from real estate professionals and conduct a comprehensive market analysis for an accurate understanding of their property’s potential selling price. Related: check out our Mortgage Loan calculator tool.

How To Use Our Home Selling Price Calculator


Input the Original Purchase Price

The first step requires you to input the original purchase price of your property. This is the price you paid when you initially bought the house. This information is typically available in your home's closing documents or your local property tax records.


Input the Improvement Costs, Desired Profit, and Selling Costs

Next, fill in the costs of any improvements made to the property since your purchase. This could include things like renovations, upgrades, or major repairs. Then, enter your desired profit - this is the amount you'd like to gain from the sale after all costs are accounted for. Finally, include your estimated selling costs such as closing costs and realtor fees. Realtor fees are often calculated as a percentage of the selling price; this rate can typically be confirmed with your chosen real estate agent.


Now Calculate and Evaluate the Output

Once all the relevant information has been input, click the 'Calculate' button. The calculator will then output a suggested selling price that would cover your initial investment, improvement costs, selling costs, and desired profit. This suggested selling price can then be used as a benchmark when listing your property or discussing pricing with your real estate agent.


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