Calculate The True Cost Of A Modular Home

Interested in buying a modular home but not sure how much it’s going to cost? We’ve broken it down for you and created a free online calculator where you can budget for your modular home.

Modular homes are becoming an increasingly popular option for home buyers due to their affordability, flexibility, and shortened construction time. These homes are built in sections in a factory setting, where they’re protected from weather conditions and unexpected delays, which ensures a consistent quality and reduces waste. Once the sections, often referred to as modules, are completed, they are transported to the building site and assembled by a local contractor. They can range from simple layouts to more complex designs, depending on the homebuyer’s needs and preferences. Despite the fact that they’re often more affordable than traditional homes, there are several costs associated with modular homes that buyers should be aware of, including land, site preparation, transportation, permits, utility connections, and foundation construction.

To help prospective modular homebuyers understand and estimate these costs, we have created a modular home cost calculator. This calculator is designed to take into account the various expenses involved in the process of buying and setting up a modular home. It includes input fields for factors such as the cost of the land, cost to prepare the land, cost to transport the modular home from the factory to the land, the cost of the building permit, costs to access the water line, septic tank, and power, as well as the cost of the foundation. The calculator is intuitive and user-friendly, providing homebuyers with a comprehensive estimate of the total cost. It’s a helpful tool for budget planning and provides a clearer picture of the financial aspect of buying a modular home. Some things to note about what is not included. First, obviously, we did not include the cost of the modular home itself. We also did not include the cost of paying a licensed plumber and electrician to set up your home.

Costs That Go Into Modular Homes


Enter Costs Surrounding Land

Remember you not only need to buy (or rent) land that the home will go on, you also need the land to be cleared and leveled in order to put the modular home on it.


Travel Costs And Permits

You'll also need to obtain a permit in order to put the home on the land. Often it depends on how expensive the home going on it is going to be. Also the travel costs to get your modular home from the factory to the plot of land.


Access To City Services

You need to be able to access city services such as the water line and power lines. The farther you are from the power lines the more expensive it's going to be because you have to pay to have additional poles installed.

Find the TRUE Cost of a Modular Home

Modular Home Cost Calculator