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Use our FREE random number generator! Simply input the minimum number you want to appear (usually 1) and the maximum number that the random number should fall between.

Understanding the concept of randomness and its application in computing can be a fascinating subject. When we think of randomness, we often associate it with unpredictability, such as the outcome of a dice roll or a lottery drawing. These events, driven by natural or physical randomness, seem impossible to anticipate. However, when it comes to computers, generating true randomness can be a challenge. Computers are deterministic machines, designed to perform tasks predictably and consistently. This leads us to question: how can a device, built on the principles of predictability and consistency, generate a value that’s truly random?

In reality, most random numbers used in computer program calculators are not truly random in the sense that you probably assume. They are known as pseudo-random numbers. Pseudo-random numbers are generated in a predictable manner using a mathematical formula or a precalculated table. A pseudo-random number generator (PRNG), given the same initial conditions or “seed”, will produce a sequence of numbers that appears random, but is entirely predictable. This kind of “randomness” is sufficient for many applications, such as simulations, cryptography, and games, but it’s important to note that these aren’t random in the way natural phenomena are. Our Random Number Generator here uses a similar method – it generates pseudo-random numbers within a given range based on your input. Although not entirely random in the strictest sense, it’s plenty random for most applications you’ll need it for.

How To Use Our Random Number Generator


Input the Minimum Number

The first step in using this random number generator is to input your minimum number. This is the lowest number that could possibly be generated. Enter the value into the field labeled "Minimum Number".


Input the Maximum Number

The second step is to input your maximum number. This is the highest number that could possibly be generated. Enter this value into the field labeled "Maximum Number". Ensure that the maximum number is greater than the minimum number, otherwise, an error message will appear.


Generate the Random Number

Once you've entered the minimum and maximum numbers, click the "Generate" button. The generator will produce a pseudo-random number that falls within the range of your specified minimum and maximum numbers. The generated number will be displayed on the screen. If you want to generate another number with the same or different range, simply adjust the input fields as desired and click the "Generate" button again.


Now Generate That Random Number

Random Number Generator

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