Randomly Select Contest Winner From List of Emails

Running a giveaway and want to randomly select the winners of a contest from a list of emails? Use our free tool! We do not save, store or capture any of the emails you provide.

Our enhanced Email Winner Selector is the ideal digital tool for anyone looking to host giveaways, especially in the digital age where engaging audiences has never been more important. Whether you’re a content creator trying to reward loyal followers, a brand trying to generate buzz about a new product, or a community leader aiming to incentivize participation, this tool makes the selection process not only transparent but also efficient. Its capability to select multiple winners at once caters to varying giveaway sizes, ensuring flexibility for all scales of promotions. Before we get to the calculator, we have to take a second to inform you about some security considerations.

In today’s digital landscape, the security of user information is paramount. We’ve designed the Email Winner Selector with this ethos in mind. The tool operates completely client-side, which means none of the email addresses inputted are sent to or stored on any external servers. This ensures utmost data privacy for our users, aligning with the best practices of cybersecurity. However, it’s worth noting that this client-side approach means that if the user refreshes or exits the page, any entered information will be lost. We recommend making a separate list or backup of the emails before using the tool to avoid any unintended data loss.

How To Use Our Random Email Selector


Decide How Many Winners There Will Be

Note our tool allows for multiple winners to be selected. If you need to name multiple winners, make sure to toggle the field at the bottom below the text area. The default is 1.


Enter The Emails In Your Giveaway

In the provided text field, input all the email addresses that are participating. Make sure to separate each email address with a comma.


Notify Winner!

The selected email address will be displayed on the screen. Note that we do NOT store any information about the emails. For this reason, if you refresh the page any information you have entered (including the winner) will be removed.

Select Winner From Email List

    How Random is Random?

    The Math.random() function in JavaScript, like most programming languages’ random functions, uses what is known as a pseudorandom number generator. This means that the numbers it generates aren’t truly random, but instead follow a deterministic sequence that appears to be random for most purposes. It’s deterministic because if you knew the starting point (also known as the seed) and the algorithm it uses, you could predict all future numbers the generator will produce. But without knowing the seed and the specifics of the algorithm, the output will appear to be random.

    However, the important thing to note is that for most practical purposes, including a simple giveaway tool like the one you provided, the sequence is sufficiently random. The initial seed used by the generator is typically based on the system time or some other variable source that a user wouldn’t be able to know or control, making it practically impossible to predict what number will be generated next. Even if a technically savvy user could discern the seed and algorithm, the computational effort to predict the outcome would far outweigh the benefits of winning such a contest. Therefore, the pseudorandomness of the Math.random() function doesn’t meaningfully affect the fairness of the tool.

    However, it’s important to note that this calculator doesn’t guarantee fairness in the sense that it doesn’t check for duplicate entries. If an email is entered more than once, that email has a higher chance of winning. Also, this calculator does not store previous winners, so it’s possible for the same email to win multiple times if the function is run more than once.

    One final caveat, this calculator is entirely client-side, meaning that the selection process happens entirely on the user’s machine and no data is sent to our  server. We do this for reasons of simplicity and privacy benefits, but also means that the host of the giveaway has no control over or visibility into the selection process once the page is loaded on the user’s machine. The good news is that we guarantee that we do not save, or even collect, any of the emails entered into the form field. As soon as you leave this web page, the emails will disappear.

    If you’re looking for a simple random number generator, try our free random number generator.

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