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Need help saving for retirement? Try our online retirement calculator. Simply enter your current savings, annual contribution (how much you are putting in) and how  many years to retirement you are planning on.

Retirement savings refers to the funds that an individual puts away for use during their retirement years, once they’ve stopped working. These funds could come from a variety of sources, including pension plans, 401(k) accounts, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and other investment vehicles. The goal of retirement savings is to provide a source of income for individuals when they’re no longer earning a regular salary or wages. These savings are typically built up over the course of many years or even decades, usually through a combination of personal contributions and potentially employer contributions or investment returns. Many financial advisors recommend starting to save for retirement as early as possible, in order to take advantage of compounding interest and to mitigate the risk of unexpected financial shocks.

This online calculator is designed to help you estimate the value of your retirement savings at the time of your retirement, factoring in your current savings, annual contributions, years to retirement, and adjusting for inflation and returns. To use this calculator, you would enter the amount you currently have saved for retirement in the “Current Retirement Savings” field. In the “Annual Contribution” field, you would enter how much you plan to contribute to your retirement savings each year. Finally, in the “Years to Retirement” field, you would enter the number of years remaining until you plan to retire. Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, the calculator will factor in assumed rates of return, salary increases, and inflation to estimate your future retirement savings and total contributions adjusted for inflation. The results will then be displayed below the calculator, providing a figure that represents your estimated retirement savings in today’s dollars, along with your total contributions adjusted for inflation.

How To Use Our Retirement Calculator


Input Current Savings

Enter the amount you have currently saved for retirement in the "Current Retirement Savings" field. This should be the total amount you have saved so far in all your retirement accounts.


Input Annual Contribution

Enter the total amount you plan to contribute each year to your retirement savings in the "Annual Contribution" field. This should include personal contributions and, if applicable, employer contributions.


Input Years to Retirement

Specify the number of years you have left until your planned retirement in the "Years to Retirement" field. This should be the gap between your current age and the age you plan to retire.


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