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Need to find the missing ingredient in your business? Try using our  Sales Calculator to compute your key sales metrics such as cost, revenue, gross profit, gross margin, and markup percentage by entering any two known values (but the more, the better).

Cost, revenue, gross profit, and gross margin are all essential metrics in understanding a business’s financial health, particularly in terms of its sales and profitability. Cost, also referred to as the cost of goods sold (you often here it referred to as ‘COGS’ in the corporate world), is the total expense incurred to produce the goods or services sold by a company. This may include direct costs like materials and labor and, in some cases, certain indirect costs. Revenue, on the other hand, is the total amount of income generated by the sale of these goods or services before any expenses are deducted. It represents the top line of a company’s income statement and is often referred to as gross sales or turnover.

Gross profit is derived from the revenue minus the cost. It reflects the efficiency of a business at using its labor and supplies in producing goods or services. A high gross profit indicates that a company can make a reasonable profit on sales, as long as overhead costs are controlled. Gross margin, which is expressed as a percentage, is the gross profit divided by the revenue. It represents the percentage of total sales revenue that the company retains after incurring the direct costs associated with producing the goods and services it sells. The higher the gross margin, the more capital a company retains on each dollar of sales, which it can then use to pay other costs or satisfy debt obligations.

How To Use Our Sales Calculator


Enter Values You Know

In the relevant field above, input any two known values among cost, revenue, and gross profit. Make sure to leave the unknown values blank. If you know the cost and revenue, for example, enter these figures and leave the gross profit, gross margin, and markup fields empty.



Once you've input the known values, click or tap on the 'Calculate' button. The calculator will then use these values to calculate the remaining metrics.


Review And Modify

After you hit 'Calculate', the calculated values for cost, revenue, gross profit, gross margin, and markup will appear below the calculator. If you want to perform another calculation, simply clear the fields and repeat the process with your new figures.

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