Tile Floor Cost Calculator

Mulling the possibility of having a new tile floor installed in your home but not sure about the costs? Our tile floor cost calculator will give you a rough idea of how much it’s going to cost you. First some notes about this calculator.

The Tile Floor Cost Calculator is a user-friendly tool designed to provide homeowners and contractors with a clear and comprehensive estimate of the potential costs associated with various tiling projects. By inputting the type of tile material and the number of tiles needed, users are given a baseline estimate. The calculator includes options for different tile materials such as Vinyl, Linoleum, Cork, Ceramic, and more, each with its own specific cost per square foot. These costs, ranging from $2/sq.ft. for Vinyl to $30/sq.ft. for Metal tiles, are utilized as multipliers to provide the primary foundation for the final cost estimate.

In addition to the base tile costs, the calculator takes into account a range of additional expenses that are often associated with tiling projects. Users can select whether they want to include labor costs (with a default value of $10 per square foot which can be adjusted), installation supplies (at a cost multiplier of $1.06 per tile), equipment allowance (averaging between $63 and $95), and debris disposal (at $0.93 per tile). There’s also an option to factor in the cost of removing existing tiles, with the removal costs estimated to average between $210 and $1094. By consolidating all these various factors, the Tile Floor Cost Calculator offers a holistic view of potential project expenditures, ensuring users are well-informed before embarking on their tiling journey.

How To Use Our Tile Floor Replacement Calculator


Select Tile Material & Quantity

Begin by choosing your preferred tile material from the dropdown menu. Each material has its specific cost per square foot listed for clarity. Next, input the total number of tiles you'll be needing for your project in the provided field.


Adjust Additional Costs

Under the "Additional Costs" section, decide which ancillary expenses you want to factor into your estimate. This includes options like labor costs, installation supplies, equipment allowances, and more. If you're unsure about any costs, the default settings provide a general estimate for a typical tiling project.


Calculate & Review

Once all the necessary fields are filled and options are selected, simply click on the "Calculate Total Cost" button. The estimated cost will then appear below, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your potential tiling expenses. Adjust any inputs if needed and recalculate as many times as necessary to fine-tune your budget.

Tile Floor Cost Calculator

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